VaniStar Global Network

At Vanistar, we take “partnerships” very seriously. The reason is simple: our strong network of strategic partners in different geographies is the most important key on our path to globalization.

From a commercial perspective, partners work with us to grow the business together and find new commercial success. All partnerships operate on the principle of mutual benefit, whereby the parties will enter into new contracts and expand their presence in new geographical areas or join hands in acquisitions and deployments. major client projects. By then, our relationship and trust will have grown so deeply that we venture to create new startups and new business stories in entirely new markets.

From a professional perspective, we place great importance on capacity building and acquiring local insights through our expanding network of professional partners worldwide. Eager to be a leader in all of its service industries, Vanistar works closely with partners to drive new innovation, design new services, solve new problems, and dramatically enhance the value provided to our customers.

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The digital economy of Vietnam has been fueled and accelerated by the global digital trends and the pandemic Covid-19. The movement of digital transformation is underway in every corner of Vietnamese life, strongly influencing the way people do things. Digital economy is the future of the Vietnam economy. Realizing the potential of the digital economy, the Vietnam government has issued policies, guidelines and created legal frameworks to support and further enhance this economy. In this ebook edition, the digital economy was looked at from different angles. Perspectives from the key elements including Vietnam digital economy are examined and discovered.

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