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The reason more than 300+ businesses choose Vanistar

VANISTAR is run by a team of experienced professionals and regularly supports projects (FDI) formed in Vietnam.

In addition, our team advises and provides optimal solutions for customers on the latest corporate tax updates, and other related services during the process of customers doing business in Vietnam.


About Us

Vanistar was established in 2023. Our company wishes to bring comprehensive services and solutions to businesses operating in the country through the following services.

  • Business establishment consulting services.
  • Tax consulting services & Full accounting services.
  • Investment management and consulting services.
  • Visa service & visa run for tourists business.
  • Consulting and brokerage services for industrial real estate & commerce.
  • Travel business services & business in the field of import and export.
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Consulting company registration

With the experienced consulting team, VANISTAR will support fully for clients to set up their business entities following Vietnam business law in soonest.

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Tax Consulting

How about tax consulting? Tax consulting is an important legal service to support business owners to know deeply about tax obligations with the related tax department of Vietnam.

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Accounting services

Accounting service is individuals or stakeholders who have experience in the accounting sector and are independently separate from their company or their incorporation. Hence, they are on behalf of incorporations to implement the accounting tasks according to the principals or service contracts between both.

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Consulting & Investing Management

Vanistar has an experienced consulting team that will help clients understand further about the business sector in Vietnam and the need to satisfy some specific conditions to do their business in Vietnam.

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Visa Services for Tourists or Businesses in Viet Nam

A Visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country. It is granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

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Visa Run Service

A visa run is a service to support foreigners who have stayed in HCM city, or other provinces and want to extend or renew their visa to travel to Vietnam or finish legal paperwork to work in Vietnam.

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Consultation & Brokerage about industrial & commercial real estate

The consulting team of Vanistar will help clients choose the right warehouse inside or outside the industrial site to do business effectively in Vietnam.

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Tourism services/ international trading

Our Vanistar expects the clients coming to Vietnam to understand better the culture and people of Vietnam.

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