Accounting service

Accounting service of Vani Star 

How about an accounting service?

Accounting service is individuals or stakeholders who have experience in the accounting sector and are independently separate from their company or their incorporation. Hence, they are on behalf of incorporations to implement the accounting tasks according to the principals or service contracts between both. 

How about the full accounting service package? 

The full accounting service package is the total accounting tasks that are included in related corporate accounting activities: Tax reports, Financial reports, and Tax Finalization, The full accounting services are going to bring good profits and reduce reasonable expenses. 

The full accounting service package of Vanistar company:

Accounting :

The financial report. 

Submit the financial report in each final year. 

Tax Department: 

Submit a statistical report and financial report each final year. 

Main tasks of accounting service of Vanistar:

  • Receive all reports, and documents of clients to implement tasks about regular accounting, Tax. 
  • Draft the invoice reports, issue the invoice, fault or lost into using invoices. 
  • Draft the tax declaration, Tax report, about VAT ( Value Add Tax), CIT (Corporate Income Tax), PIT (Personal income Tax ), and SCT ( Special Consumption Tax) according to months, quarters, years.
  • The implementation of report responses, explanation, or working directly with the tax department as requested. 
  • Implementation of some reports regularly. 

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