Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting 

How about tax consulting? Tax consulting is an important legal service to support business owners to know deeply about tax obligations with the related tax department of Vietnam. 

Tax consulting service of Vanistar:

The role of the tax consulting service of Vanistar. 

+Consultation for clients to pay corporate taxes which they have to know regulations and policies about the tax system of VN. Hence, to provide the full solution to corporate tax issues to reduce the risks & expenses for business owners.

+Consultation & Provision for clients about specific tax consultants to assist with tax issues of clients and separation with the accountant to warrant using service effectively.

+ Consultation about reducing the company’s expenses about accounting & tax system of the company. Besides, handle well about corporate tax issues to support clients continues doing business well in Vietnam.

+ Consultation for clients to cut their expenses for hiring employees, human resource management associated with staff benefits, and investment for office facilities. 

The tax consulting service of Vani Star is included in: 

  • Consultation and Responses to all client’s queries about corporate income tax policies. 
  • Consultation about different taxes such as natural resource tax, environment tax, import-export tax, business license tax, and special consumption tax.
  • Consultation about company registration, and initial tax registration for clients. 
  • Control & supervise corporate tax, and tax finalization in a financial year or company dissolution. 

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