Visa Run Service

Visa run service of Vanistar Company

How about a Visa run? A visa run is a service to support foreigners who have stayed in HCM city, or other provinces and want to extend or renew their visa to travel to Vietnam or finish legal paperwork to work in Vietnam. 

The route: HCM city- Moc Bai border- HCM city, clients will save time as well as expenses to obtain their goal. 

How to go to Moc Bai border?  Moc Bai border crossing located in Tay Ninh province, is the largest international crossing. It is only 70 km away from HCM City and 170 km away from Phnom Penh capital, of Cambodia. For this reason, it is convenient for ex-pats to go to two countries smoothly. 

Why do you choose Moc Bai Visa Run?  Choosing Moc Bai Visa Run because of some advantages: 

  • Obtain Visa to Vietnam for only one day. 
  • Exit & Enter Vietnam instantly. 
  • Save the expenses for traveling. if going to different countries, the cost will increase.
  • Less complicated paperwork. 
  • Having a quality car to pick up & take off on time.
  • It takes 5 hours for this route: HCM city- Moc Bai border- HCM city.  

Some legal paperwork need for Visa Run. 

+ Orginal Passport, original approval Letter, Pictures: 4*6

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