Thị trường đầy hứa hẹn của ASEAN về đầu tư trực tiếp nước ngoài

Vietnam has developed rapidly over the past decades with an average GDP growth rate of more than 7% from 1990 to present. Vietnam is one of the promising markets of Asia when it is open to foreign investment, in which owning real estate is considered the best way to contribute to Vietnam’s economic development in general.< /p>

Vietnam’s industries are gradually becoming more competitive. China is no longer the choice of foreign companies looking to set up factories in Southeast Asia due to factors such as rising costs, more regulations, weaker growth or bias. domestic enterprises in the Chinese market. Moreover, the trade war between China and the United States certainly cannot solve the problems of China – Asia’s largest economy. It can be said that in the current context, Southeast Asia’s economy is developing strongly while East Asia’s economy is facing some difficulties.

Vietnam is growing rapidly and its economy is expected to surpass many Southeast Asian countries in the coming years. In terms of investment in Vietnam, from the early 90s until now, Vietnam has received strong foreign investment inflows, with an average GDP of more than 7% per year.

Not only is it a country with many beautiful landscapes and wonderful beaches, what attracts the attention of many foreign investors to Vietnam is the numerous business opportunities and abundant resources. , cheap labor force, strategic location with China and favorable business environment.

Vietnam is the 14th largest country by population with 95 million inhabitants. By 2030, the population will increase to 105 million people. When a country has an increasing population, it will be proportional to the demand for consumption and production of goods. Moreover, Vietnam offers an abundant labor force that is both cheaper and more skilled.

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